Samsung Case Study

Deb Lill Jan 1, 2015 Case Studies

The Challenge

In April 2015 the Samsung Headquarters (Korea) had just spent the previous 12 months in search of the perfect global ecommerce box specification. They wanted a 100% secure postal box which printed jet black internally, with a further internal black tissue paper. They planned to use it at all ten of their global ecommerce operational sites. But before they could commit to major investment in transforming their global ecommerce operations, they needed to source packaging to the specification they required.

The Problems

Finding black tissue paper to be integrated within the box was their biggest challenge. Prior to contact with Lil Packaging, every supplier was proposing to do this by hand at a high cost to them. Their second big challenge was finding suppliers who could supply internationally in multiple currencies. For example their far eastern suppliers would only accept payment in $USD which was not to the liking of some Samsung subsidiaries. They also struggled to find a type of void-fill that would be aligned with their brand image, as the Samsung brand is certainly not “cheap and nasty.” They felt strongly that a Samsung customer deserved better than being presented with bubble wrap or crushed-up paper.

The Solution

In April 2015 Lil Packaging offered its machine-made Breezebox product which requires no voidfill. The magic of this product is that it features integrated black tissue ‘Breezepaper’ which only sticks to itself, giving the impression that the Samsung product is internally gift-wrapped within the Lil Breezebox.

Samsung HeadQuarters (Korea) commented how the learner videos for our Breezebox on enabled Samsung to explain / educate all of the ten seperate global ecommerce operations about our product, in just one conference-call. Apart from the product being exactly what Samsung required, why else did they choose us to be their packaging partner?

  • Quarterly GROUPED batch-productions enabling all subsidiaries the advantage of reduced pricing due to combined buying power. Lil Packaging dedicated much time to obtaining forecasts from all Samsung subsidiaries to combine total productions. Therefore all of Samsung’s subsidiaries pay the same for each box regardless of usage.
  • We accepted multiple currencies to do business with Samsung, a truly global business.
  • Lil Packaging provided free material upgrades. A Samsung Netherlands subsidiary commented that two sizes would benefit from increased box stiffness. Lil Packaging agreed, created a solution quickly, and Samsung did not incur any extra cost for the upgrade. That’s a partnership for you!
  • Lil Packaging can ship to any location in the world – with the ten Samsung ecommerce operations needing a truly global provider.
  • A total of 52 sample prototypes were dispatched in 19 packages during the opening development period – we are never short of options for our customers.

The Outcome

Samsung now have a fantastic ecommerce packaging solution to use on a global scale, sourced from a UK packaging manufacturer, using sustainable materials, that does exactly what they want it to. Compromise isn’t always necessary – and getting what you want precisely, doesn’t have to be expensive.

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