Reed Comics Case Study

Deb Lill Jan 1, 2015 Case Studies

The Challenge

Reed Comics are one of the largest comic book distributors online, sending out new and rare collectable comics.  As collectors themselves their passion for good service stems from the service that they would expect to receive.  Reed comics had designed a twist wrap to enclose their comics and graphic novels which was then sealed by tape.  They were very conscious of the appearance of the current packaging as this was the only touchpoint that they had with their customers.

The Problem

  • The protection of the comic books and graphic novels is paramount, as these can often be rare collectables and therefore irreplaceable if damaged in transit. There are many problems associated with hard backed book postage as mentioned in our Ultimate Book Packaging Guide.
  • The current method of packing the comics and graphic novels was to use a twist wrap, which was then sealed manually with tape. This was a time consuming and therefore costly exercise.
  • Reed Comics wanted the brand image of the packaging to be a reflection of the contents inside, as this provides the customer with a good first impression of their company.

The Solution

  • By offering Reed a C-Com book wrap solution we managed to maintain the protection that was required for those all important comic books and graphic novels. The bukwrap has buffer-edges, providing rigid protection for larger and multiple orders.  The variable-depth creases offer a super snug fit, appealing to both the floppy nature of the comic book and the hardback graphic novels, providing protection against impact during shipping.
  • Peel and seal hot melt glue was used to replace the manual taping. This offered packaging efficiencies whilst also improving the aesthetics of the overall product.  The handy self sealing nature of the book wrap make it both quick and easy to pack, and upon opening, the Lil Packaging red rippa strip is simple for the customer to open.
  • New artwork was proposed by Lil Packaging which allowed Reed to maintain their brand image and improve the overall image of their product.

The Outcome

As a result of researching comic book distributors and with the guidance of Reed Comics, Lil Packaging were able to produce a bespoke printed C-Com book wrap product that accommodated both graphic novels and comic books in one pack.  Reed Comics are happy to have a product that is 25% quicker to pack that looks sleek and professional, without any need to apply tape manually.  Now, when their customers receive comic books in the mail, it is clear that the package has been sent from Reed Comics.  Mail Happy!

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