Summer Clothes Packaging: It’s only clothing, polythene mailbags will do right?

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Deb Lill Jun 10, 2016 Packaging Geekery

It’s that time of year again! The sunshine is beginning to put in an appearance, the layers are coming off…but wait…your customers need to update their wardrobe! They quickly turn to your online fashion store and begin purchasing their summer wears. You package their order up into polythene mailbags (your standard choice of clothes packaging) and off it goes!

Online stores have historically used polythene mailbags to package soft clothing as they are cheap, easy to store and simple to fulfil. Their waterproof nature means that the delivery company can leave the package out in all weather conditions should the recipient not be at the address. They are resistant to tearing and the lightweight nature of the polythene bag means that the cost of postage will be kept to a minimum.

So these polythene mailbags tick all the boxes, right? Why should I review my clothes packaging requirements…

  • When it comes to clothing, ensuring that your package fits into the large letter bracket can often be tricky. The main concern is ‘bunching’.  You may think that your product is safely into that category inside its t-shirt packaging, only to find that it simply didn’t behave itself in transit, and your nicely folded t-shirt is found at the sorting office masquerading itself as a squishy ball!  You or your customer is faced with a fine as the product has slipped down the bag and no longer fits inside the large letter category. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to take a trip to the sorting office to pick up the offending item.  If the package doesn’t fall freely through the large letter slot (costing approximately £1), it will be classed as a small parcel (an approximate cost of £2.50).
  • The mailbag has to be cut to gain access to the garment, therefore the clothing is at risk of damage. You can guarantee that your customer will not want to wear a dress that looks like it was designed for Liz Hurley circa the 1990’s.
  • There are obvious, environmental issues surrounding the use of plastic bags such as polythene mailbags. Usually there is a plastic bag within the plastic mailbag…double trouble! The Telegraph discusses how plastic bags are unsightly, bad for wildlife, they use up finite resources such as oil in their manufacture, and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.
  • Lastly, don’t forget about your customer’s experience. I am sure that we have all received an expensive fashion item in the post, only to be a little deflated upon the arrival of a grey plastic bag. As the only contact that your customer will have with you, make it a good experience that they will want to repeat.

Upgrading to clothing boxes which squeeze through large letter WILL save you money and are likely to  quadruple the customer experience.

Below are among the reasons why many online retailers are moving away from the poly bag for t-shirt packaging and other clothes packaging and switching to the Lil packaging envelope and box range:

  • Accurate pricing in proportion. Online retailers have reported nearly 70% fewer returns and 25% faster packing with our Lil envelopes. We research sizes to get the snuggest fit at the lowest mailing tariff.
  • Environmentally superior. We use FSC certified or PEFC environmentally friendly material which is 100% recyclable.
T-shirt Packaging Fashion Packaging Letter box clothes packaging
  • Enhanced customer experience with our Breezebox range. Your customer will receive their goods in quality kraft packaging.  We can also print your packaging in-house for increased brand awareness.
  • Frustration free red tear-strip on most of our items. Therefore, no cutting or tearing is required to get into the package and there is no damage to the clothing items.

Clothes packaging doesn’t get better than this. At Lil we offer you only the most cost-effective solutions and the most efficient sizes – all made from the most eco-friendly material. Without compromising on quality. Ever! So the next time you push your clothing items into polythene mailbags, think twice, think Lil…mail happy!

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