Case Studies for Packaging & Fulfilment

What we actually do, and why…

It’s fair to say that making a purchase these days, without checking the suppliers customer reviews and testimonials is a risky move. Therefore, to give you some peace of mind and to help you understand just what we actually do for customers, we have created this page of case studies for packaging and fulfilment, all about how we have helped our customers in the past.

Click on the relevant entry to bring up the story, sit back, and let us tell you tales of packaging woes, fulfilment nightmares and customer crises that all just needed a Lil’ magic…

Samsung Case Study Samsung Case Study
Samsung needed a 100% secure postal box to help grow their global ecommerce business. They wanted it to be lavishly printed internally with a jet black colour, featuring internal black tissue-paper. Before being able to invest in their global ecommerce business, they needed a perfect solution… twelve months into their exhaustive search, they found Lil Packaging and our ‘Breezebox’.

Hornby Case Study Hornby Case Study
Hornby and their logistics & fulfilment partner were having real problems with ‘old school’ packaging, and were being challenged to increase packing efficiency whilst reducing packing time. Enter Lil Packaging, and Hornby were able to take the fast-train to fulfilment success!
Hachette Case Study Hachette Case Study
Hachette needed a quality packaging solution for their Marvel book range. They looked to Lil Packaging for an alternative to damaged book corners, costly fulfilment and high postal costs.  Here’s how we helped them.
Natural History Museum Case Study Natural History Museum Case Study
The Natural History Museum in London were having a real headache with very limited packing and storage space for their ecommerce operation. With a hugely varied product range as well, packing was so complex that it just wasn’t up to the standards they expected. Lil Packaging helped their entire fulfilment operation go from fossil to fast in no time at all.
Sony Case Study Sony Case Study
When Sony started investigating setting up a direct to consumer ecommerce channel for CD’s and DVD’s, they faced some new challenges for their business. They’d never mailed CD’s and DVD’s like this before, so they needed to get it right for their customers. That’s why Lil Packaging turned the volume up on best practice, and gave Sony a rocking solution!
MedExpress Case Study MedExpress Case Study
Medexpress pride themselves on their 24 hour delivery service to customers, but the ability to store the necessary packaging to meet the demands of their business, was causing a real problem. Find out why MedExpress selected our world class manufacturing plant to fulfil their packaging needs.
Debenhams Case Study Debenhams Case Study
Debenhams were struggling with a fulfilment warehouse already working at full capacity and facing increasing demand. Find out how Lil Packaging took their fulfiment efficiency to a whole new level.
Cadbury Case Study Cadbury Case Study
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Penguin Random House Case Study Penguin Random House Case Study
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CostCo Case Study CostCo Case Study
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CDiscount Case Study CDiscount Case Study
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Thomson Reuters Case Study Thomson Reuters Case Study
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TNT Case Study TNT Case Study
TNT were under pressure to reduce both the cost of their cardboard envelopes and the cost of postage.  With an additional need to improve their customer experience upon receiving the package, they called on Lil Packaging to help.  
Warner Bros Case Study Warner Bros Case Study
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William Grant & Sons Case Study William Grant & Sons Case Study
During the takeover of Drambuie, William Grant & Sons needed to maintain their high quality Litho printed cardboard packaging.  They looked no further than the Lil Packaging team to provide the personal attention that they deserved.
Reed Comics Case Study Reed Comics Case Study
Reed Comics needed a packaging solution for online fulfilment.  As comic book collectors themselves, they knew it was important that the packaging should improve the appearance and protection of the comics and graphic novels. Find out how Lil Packaging helped them.
Yale University Press Case Study Yale University Press Case Study
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