LilTM vinyl record mailers

For mailing vinyl records

Used by record sellers across the world, our CLP, FLP and F-EP vinyl record mailers are fast becoming the industry standard for shipping records safely.Superior strength kraft corrugated material, proven to pack at least 25% faster. We manufacture all of our  vinyl record mailers in-house, using only the highest grade kraft-corrugated material, ensuring your vinyls arrive safely.

If you are looking for high quality vinyl record mailers, look no further!

Perfect for shipping LP 12″ and 6″ vinyl records across the USA. Our vinyl mailers are designed to reduce packaging, transport and postage costs. Superior strength kraft corrugated material with no need for stiffeners or corner protection, proven to pack at least 25% faster.

  • cardboard envelopes, flatpack, flatpacks, envelopes, envelope stiff vinyl 7" EP mailers vinyl record cardboard envelopes

    F-EP Flatpack

    225 x 205 mm

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  • vinyl record postal packaging stiff 12" lp record mailer

    FLP Flatpack

    343 x 343 mm

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  • USA strongest vinyl record mailers

    CLP Bukwrap

    330 x 330 x 30mm

    from $1.21 each Buy now