LilTM mailbox

For fashion

Ecommerce boxes providing perfect protection for larger items via mail.  Quick to assemble via a pop-up action, strong and plain so they don’t attract the wrong kind of attention.  Featuring our hot melt peel’n’seal and tear strip combo, they use a hinged lid for the premium ‘unboxing’ effect. 100% FSC™ certified and recyclable. (Featuring a new and improved design!) Recommended For:

  • Electricals & Boxed Retail Items
  • High Fashion Items & Media (DVD’s, Games etc)
  • High Value Items (Plain Boxes = Reduced Theft)

If you’re searching for top quality affordable mailing boxes you’ve come to the right place! Our mailbox range of patented mailing boxes are trusted by individuals and big brands the world over. They offer the perfect mix of high quality frustration free unboxing experience and super fast assembly, security and despatch speeds. Don’t leave your customers dissatisfied at the final brand touch point – the importance of perfecting the delivery and unboxing experience should never be under estimated. As well as super easy to use, our mailing boxes are made with FSC® certified material and are 100% recyclable – ensuring  your brand is delivered in packaging and leaves a positive experience on so many levels.

Did you know that 65% of ecommerce retailers identify failed deliveries as the biggest cost to their business? Our high quality mailing boxes are purpose built to ensure your customers have a happy experience – ensuring you get more return business as a result. To learn more on the importance of a great unboxing experience read our blog “Perfecting the Unboxing Experience” where we demystify the issues surrounding the final and arguably the longest lasting consumer touch point.