LilTM envelope

For media and paperbacks

A cardboard envelope is a snug fit design for media items up to 30mm thick. Featuring a special rigidly-protective design, using 1.8mm thick kraft-board, with an easily stackable format for storage. Enabling up to 70% fewer returns, triple the envelope quantity per pallet and great reductions in product damage. 100% PEFC™ approved material ensures green credentials. Recommended for:

  • CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Ray & More
  • Books, Magazines, Maps & Plenty More
  • Computer Games, Small Electricals & Other Small Items

Our cardboard envelopes are tried, tested and found superior by the internet’s largest retailers. Check out our range of options here…

  • cardboard CD envelopes amazon style CD mailers

    A-CD Envelope

    180 x 164 mm

    from $0.15 each Buy now
  • A1 cardboard DVD mailers cheap DVD envelopes

    A1 Envelope

    235 x 180 mm

    from $0.18 each Buy now
  • paperback book packaging comic book cardboard envelopes

    A194 Envelope

    292 x 194 mm

    from $0.25 each Buy now
  • A194+ Envelope

    A194+ Envelope

    292 x 234 mm

    from $0.35 each Buy now
  • comic book mailers amazon style DVD envelopes

    A2 Envelope

    334 x 234 mm

    from $0.3 each Buy now
  • big cardboard envelopes

    A3 Envelope

    352 x 249 mm

    from $0.35 each Buy now
  • big book packaging sheet music envelopes cardboard envelopes cardboard mailers]

    A4 Envelope

    400 x 278 mm

    from $0.55 each Buy now
  • Large Cardboard envelopes

    A5 Envelope

    448 x 328 mm

    from $0.56 each Buy now