LilTM cardboard box

For everything

A cardboard box is just a cardboard box… right? WRONG! If you’re shipping products all over the place, you need packaging boxes that are 100% FSC™ certified, BCT stamped to show they’re 20% stronger than the industry standard, and featuring variable packing-depth perforations for maximum versatility – our range has it all. Recommended for:

  • ‘Boxed’ Retail Products
  • Electrical & Computing Products
  • ‘Quality’ Box Users

Top quality cardboard boxes, direct from the manufacturer! Your packaging is the first time that your customers’ physically experience your product. Getting it right is your chance to make the best first impression. Our top quality, FSC® certified and BCT stamped boxes do just that! Make good impressions. Branded on the outside, made with top quality materials and in exactly the same size ranges and specifications used by the internets’ biggest retailer (you know who we’re on about!) – these cardboard boxes will not let you down!