LilTM breezebox

For beautiful products

Need retention packaging? Our British ingenuity, an unparalleled ‘unboxing’ experience and maximum security are three things we’ve combined to bring you our patented Breezebox, our all-new retention packaging.  Featuring low-tack ‘breeze-paper’ that wraps your product safely inside an FSC™ certified, high-quality e-commerce mailbox. Recommended for:

  • High Value Products
  • Products Requiring Rention Packaging
  • High-Fashion Products
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    iDK0 Breezebox

    210 x 110 x 45mm

    from $0.94 each Buy now
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    iMK1 Breezebox

    210 x 130 x 95mm

    from $1.13 each Buy now
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    iMK170 Breezebox

    195 x 170 x 135mm

    from $1.81 each Buy now
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    iMK255 Breezebox

    255 x 255 x 155mm

    from $3.73 each Buy now
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    iSP343 Breezebox

    343 x 270 x 70mm

    from $2.63 each Buy now
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    iMK4 Breezebox

    370 x 240 x 160mm

    from $4.68 each Buy now